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A case of asthma treated by Arsenic Alb…..

When I was in my final year in homoeopathic college, I have seen a case of severe asthma, which is relieved by a single dose of Arsenic Alb 200.The patient was a second year student. She was suffering from asthma since two years. She was good in studies and other activities. She was taking homoeopathic treatment from Dr Gupta who was a great homoeopathist. I have seen many cases of asthmatic attack but I had never seen such severe case of asthma in my life. During the paroxysm, breathing was very laboured for her with wheezing respiration accompanied by dry cough. By her expressions she was looking anxious, restless, worried and almost terrified. She was unable to lie down as she felt suffocated on lying down. She wanted to move but physically she was too weak to move due to prostration. She was taking only sips of cold water at frequent intervals to wet her dry mouth. Due to this intense respiratory agony, restlessness, and uneasiness she became so exhausted that she was hardly able to speak anything. It became difficult to obtain a complete drug picture necessary for the homoeopathic similimum. So doctors present in our college decided to call Dr Gupta. Dr Gupta had reached in half an hour and after 10 to 15 min observation he had given a dose of Arsenic Alb 200 and instructed the doctors to give second dose if required. But she started feeling better as soon as medicine was given to her and in half an hour she became almost normal and there was no need of second dose.


Contraception & Homeopathy

Can Homeopathy prevent conception?

As per the article by Dr J. S. Bhojak written in Homeo Gagan, a homeopathic magazine in India –

According to Dr Hahnemann, chloride of sodium (Natrum Mur) in dynamic potentisation, is the great remedy which has the curative power towards the triple miasms faults.

He( Dr Bhojak ) got the suggestions from “Indian Journal of Homeopathic Medicine Bombay 4” in which Dr Sharda, prominent homeopath of India, says that “I have tried on males and I think this prevents conception”.

According to “Dr BOERICKES materia medica” Natrum Mur when given in very high potencies and in infrequent doses often yield most brilliant results.

Dr Bhojak have also gained 50% success from more than 100 patients according to him, Natrum Mur if prepared from 1000 centisimal potency dilution in saturated pills, then it will be the Hahnemannian contraceptive oral pills for human.
Thus, the ladies and gentlemen who don’t want to conceive, can take these pills to avoid conception. In case of doses, the gentlemen should take 5 pills (30 no. globules) ten minutes before intercourse. Ladies should take 5 pills (30 no. globules) on 4th, 5th and 6th days of their menstrual cycle at bed time for assurance.

Dr. Ashok Pandey’s view regarding Natrum Mur as a contraceptive medicine –

Natrum Mur is the best medicine in Homeopathy for contraception. It doesn’t have any side effects (like leucorrhoea, weight gain, constipation, chest pain, falling of hair, headache, etc) generally occurs while taking allopathic contraceptive pills.

How it works?

Tissues present in our body contains sodium and chloride which maintain acid base balance. When Natrum Mur is given, it increases acid ions in the tissues of reproductive organs which makes the sperms weaker to aid contraception. Homeopathic medicine is given in minute doses, it doesn’t cause any harmful effects and causes only temporary contraception.

Dosage suggested by him

Natrum Mur should be started once in the evening in 3X potency from the 5th day of menstrual cycle for 1 month. Then it should be given in the same way in 6X potency in 2nd month. In the 3rd month it should be given in 12X potency in the same way. In 4th month, 1 dose of 200 potency should be given on 5th day or menses. Then from the 5th month start it again from the 3X potency and repeat the whole cycle in the above mentioned way.

Some doctors suggest cyclamem Q which should be taken daily from the 10th day of menstrual cycle.

Some doctor claims it to be very effective for contraception and some are in opposition for such kind of practice.

What is your opinion?

Please provide your feedbacks, experiences or any other information regarding homeopathic contraception in the Comment section.


Stay fit and COOL in summer

Apart from sunburn, persistent exposure to the sun can cause heat stroke which is resulted from excessive heat and high humidity. It usually occurs due to inadequate fluid intake causing dehydration, lack of sweating which causes excessive rise in internal temperature and failure of natural cooling down mechanism of the body. There are other risk factors such as people with obesity, aged people, children, alcoholics, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases like asthma and certain medicines.

Some symptoms of heat stroke

1) Elevated body temperature – Generally more than 104 F

2) Headache with or without nausea

3) Dizziness and fainting

4) Restlessness and breathlessness

5) Rapid heartbeat

6) Blood pressure may be increased or it may be decreased

7) Lack of concentration

8) Fits

First aid treatment

1) Shift the patient immediately into a shady and cool place

2) Patients cloths should be loosened or removed depending on the condition

3) Keep the patient in a comfortable position with legs slightly elevated

4) Avoid excessive crowd around the patient which may cause suffocation

5) Try to cool down the patient by covering him with damp sheets or spraying cold water on his / her head

6) Ensure that the patient is getting enough air otherwise fan it with a newspaper

7) Cold water should be given to the patient but it should not be chilled

Precautions to avoid problems

1) Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration

2) Wear loose and light colored cotton cloths which are comfortable

3) Stay indoor as much as possible and if necessary choose cooler times of the day like early morning or late in the evening to go out

4) Use a sun screen which is right for your skin to avoid sun burns

5) Take proper rest and avoid physical exertion

6) Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays

7) Add fruits and vegetables and their juices in your diet to maintain salt and water balance

8) Eating right food is also necessary to avoid summer diarrhea and other gastric upsets.

Homeopathic treatment

1) Belladonna – It is used in heat stroke with high fever, excessive body heat, dryness of skin and violent throbbing headache arises from exposure to heat of sun
2) Aconite – Heat stroke with high temperature, full bounding pulse, dry and hot skin, redness of face, burning thirst with restlessness due to checked perspiration
3) Aethusa Cynapium – It is used for infants and children in case of vomiting and diarrhea with intolerance of milk occurs in summer season due to excessive heat
4) Antim Crude – Indigestion due to overheating and hot weather with a thick milky white coating on the tongue. It is also a good medicine for prickly heat
5) Bryonia – Gastric ailments from drinking ice cold water when overheated. Great dryness of all mucus membrane of the body with excessive thirst. Congestive headache due to exposure to heat of sun or being overheated due to any cause
6) Gelsimium – Fever with thirstlessness. Patient is dull, dazed, drowsy and confused minded. Dull headache with nausea and vomiting due to heat of sun
7) Glonoine – Flushed face with terrible bursting headache. Violent palpitation worse from heat of sun and from little exertion. It can be used as preventive as well as curative medicine for heat stroke. It acts as a preventive if taken before going out in hot summer weather
8) Nat Mur – Headache begins with sunrise and goes off with sunset, violent headache from heat of sun associated with nausea and vomiting. Headache is relieved by perspiration and in open air


Homeo smile ….

The facts known by almost every one about the teeth are:-
The teeth are composed of 3 calcified tissue’s, namely enamel, dentine and cementum, and the pulp composed of connective tissue. The teeth are surrounded by the portion of oral mucosa called the gingiva or gum.

Enamel is the outer covering of teeth composed almost entirely of inorganic material as in bone.

Dentine lies under the enamel and comprises most of the tooth substances. It is composed of organic material in the form of collagen fibrils as well as inorganic material in the form of calcium phosphates as in bone.

Cementum is the portion of tooth which covers the dentine at the root of tooth and is the site where periodontal ligament is attached. Cementum is similar to bone in morphology and composition.

Dental pulp is inner to dentine and occupies the pulp cavity and root canal. It consist of connective tissue, blood vessels and nerves.

Functions of the tooth:- “Other than providing proper shape of the face, the teeth offers multiple functions. Thus helps in mastication, chewing, biting and also tearing of teeth, the solid food material in presence of saliva is made into pulp and is then swallowed smoothly”.

Some known facts about calcium:-
Ionized calcium in the plasma has many vital functions including formation of bones and teeth. Calcium is a major mineral element of the body. It constitutes 1.5-2% of the body weight of an adult human. An average adult body contains about 1200 gm of calcium of which over 98 % is found in the bones. The amount of calcium in the blood is usually about 10m/dl. The calcium ion controls many life processes ranging from muscles contraction to cell division.

Calcium is readily available from many sources:-
1) Milk and milk products (example cheese, curd, skimmed milk and butter milk)
2) Egg and fish
3) The cheapest dietary sources are green leafy vegetables, cereals and millets.
4) An additional source of calcium is drinking water which may provide upto 200 mg per day.
5) Some fruits eg. Sitaphal and dry fruits like raisins contains good amount of calcium.

A daily intake of 400 – 500 mg of calcium has been suggested for adults. The physiological requirements are higher in children, expectant and nursing mothers.

Some facts regarding homeopathic treatment:-
There are many homeopathic medicines which are used in dental problems, but we are discussing here about some commonly used medicines.

Medicines used to aid dentition:-

1) Calc phos Given in delayed and difficult dentition. Diarrhea during dentition. Teeth decay soon after eruption. Tooth ache in which teeth are sensitive to touch, pressure and mastication.
2) Calc carb – It is used in delayed and difficult dentition in case of fatty childrens, who perspires easily. In tolerance of milk are seen in children during dentition. Craving for indigestible things like chalk, lime, raw vegetables, ice creams, salt etc
3) Chamomilla – Diarrhea during dentition. The child is irritable and over sensitive towards pain and wants to be carried all the time.
4) Cina – Child becomes very touchy, irritable and obstinate especially during dentition. Child having worm infestation with grinding of teeth. Pale face, sunken eyes with blue rings around the eyes and mouth.
5) Cuprum met – Convulsions in children during dentition.
6) Baryta carb – Delayed dentition with mental as well as physical dwarfism. Child are slow to learn everything.
7) Some patent medicines to aid dentition –
a. Easident® teething pills
b. Denton tablets / syrup
c. Chamodent syrup
d. Biocombination number 21 – for teething problems

Teeths having tendency to decay:-

1) Thuja – Teeth decay at the roots. Yellowish discoloration of the teeth, teeth easily crumbles up in pieces.
2) Merc sol – Teeth becomes loose, tender to touch and feels elongated. Crowns of the teeth decay and roots are not affected. Tooth ache aggravates at night, from both cold and warm things and relieved from rubbing the cheeks.
3) Silicea – Used in teeth decay in which teeth broken easily with uneven enamel surface. Teeth feels rough and loses its shine. Teeth are yellow in color. It is also used in case of delayed dentition and early tooth decay in children.
4) Mezereum – Tooth ache in carious tooth. In case of Mezereum, root is decayed. Tooth ache aggravates at night and on slight touch or even by biting.
5) Comb No 18 – For pyorrhea, gum boils, tooth aches, spongy bleeding gums. Used for almost every dental problems.
6) Other medicines are Kreosote, staphysagria, calc flour, hecla lava etc.

Tooth Aches:-

1) Arsenic alb – Tooth ache relieved by heat.
2) Coffea, pulsatilla – tooth ache relieved from cold.
3) Ignatia – Tooth ache is relieved while eating.
4) Thuja – Tooth ache from drinking tea.
5) China – Tooth ache while nursing the child.
6) Plantago – Used in tooth ache. Can locally be applied in cases of tooth ache.
7) Chamomilla – Tooth ache occurring during menses and in pregnancy. The pain is relieved by holding cold water in the mouth.
Comb No 23 – Used in every type of tooth aches.

Medicine used during tooth extraction:-

1) Arnica – Soreness of jaw after tooth extraction. Good remedy to take before and after extraction of the tooth.
2) Arsenic – For the apprehension before extraction of the tooth.
3) Hypericum – For nerve injury or neuralgias resulting from tooth extraction.
4) Phosphorus – Stops excessive bleeding after tooth extraction.
5) Calendula Q – Calendula is very good antiseptic mouthwash after extraction or other surgical work and helps to stop bleeding and prevents infection.

Some Homeopathic toothpastes and toothpowders:-

1) Homeodent tooth paste (SBL)
2) Lordent tooth paste and tooth powder (Lords)
3) Kolldent® Forte tooth powder etc


Travel SAFE with Homeopathy

Ill health while traveling is most unpleasant experience as doctors help is not immediately available. Our main concern to publish this article is to discuss regarding the problem which may arise while traveling, about precautions one must take to avoid these problems and how to deal with these problems if arises.

According to an article in the medical press “Surveys have shown that 40 – 50% of travelers suffer from illness while on holiday or shortly after their return, the majority of the complaints being alimentary or due to excess sun.”

Generally the problems which are associated with traveling are –

1) Motion sickness
2) Gastric Upsets – like diarrhea, constipation, acidity, indigestion, nausea, vomiting etc
3) Cold and cough
4) Fever
5) Headache
6) Injuries
7) Fatigue / tiredness
8) Food poisoning etc

In Homeopathy, there are many medicines which act as preventive as well as curative in these problems. But these should be taken under the guidance of a Homeopathic physician. You can ask your doctor to make one traveling medicinal kit or first aid kit for you, for the problems which may arise while traveling. You can use this article as a reference guide. Some readymade traveling medicinal kits by different companies are also available in the homeopathic medicinal stores but it is difficult to say about their effectiveness. So I recommend you to consult your doctor to make one kit for you based on your constitution.

Here are some medicines which are very effective in travel related problems –

1) Cocculus – Nausea and vomiting from riding in a carriage, boat or even looking at a boat in motion. Good remedy for sea sickness or car sickness. It also cures jet lag.
If it is taken twice a day before the flight, the day of the flight and for the day after the flight, then the jet lag can be avoided.
2) Nux Vomica – It is a wonderful medicine for gastric upsets occurring during traveling due to overeating especially highly seasoned food or spicy food, loss of sleep, over exertion, sedentary habits etc. It is also useful in headaches associated with gastric complaints. It is also very effective in hang-over.
3) Petroleum – It is used for ailments from traveling in car and also for sea sickness. It is indicated in occipital headache with vertigo. Which occurs from looking at the waves or objects passing by.
4) Tabaccum – It is indicated while traveling in case of deathly pallor, exhaustion with cold sweats, severe nausea with desire for open air. Patient wants to live in a dark and peaceful place.
5) Argentum Nit – Medicines used for nervous diarrhea and fear of flying. Patient is very anxious, nervous and apprehensive. Fear of looking down from a height with sudden impulse to jump when in a high place.
6) Borax – This medicine is used for the fear of downward motion. This medicine is also used for fear of flying especially during landing.
7) Arnica, Ledum, Calendulla, Hypericum – These are the medicines used in injuries which may occur during traveling. Calendulla ointment should also be kept as it is a Homeopathic antiseptic ointment used especially for open wounds and cuts.
8) Belladonna and Glonoine – These medicines are used to relieve the symptoms associated with sunstroke, fever and headache due to excess of heat or exposure to sunlight etc.
9) Arsenic Alb – It is very useful remedy for gastric derangements which arises due to taking contaminated food and drinks and also used in food poisoning. It is used in vomiting, diarrhea and cholera with extreme prostration and restlessness.
10) Aloe, Podophyllum, Bryonia – These are some other medicines used in case of gastric disturbances.

For immediate treatment during illness, these medicines can used effectively. They also take very small space in your luggage. Usually these medicines are safe without any side-effects, but I must repeat, take these medicines after consulting a homeopathic physician. There are many medicines in Homeopathy for these problem, this articles refers to only a few key medicines. This can be selected properly by a physician according to your constitution, about the potency of the medicine in which it should be given and about its dosage and the interval in which it should be repeated etc.

So, this time travel safely with your family by keeping a traveling homeo kit along with you and enjoy your travel.


Old age can be very pleasurable


*Mental Confusion
*Impaired memory
*Blurred vision
*Mental & physical imbalance
*Urinary incontinence
*Trembling due to weakness
*Loss of strength while walking
*Painful stiffness of legs


The effect of age change impaired immunological function,poor nutrition,multiple pathology, sensory deficit and psychiatric disorders. The most common causes of incapacity in elderly patients are acute confusion, urinary incontinence, immobility and falls. There is a decline in the number of neurons in the cerebral cortex. Changes in the vestibular nuclei, the cerebellum and dorsal columns, damage to position sense receptors in the neck and limbs. Muscle weakness all contribute to a deterioration in balance.
A common neurological cause of chronic urinary incontinence is damage to normal bladder inhibition so that the bladder has a small volume and increased tone and empties frequently.
Any changes in the neurological and musculoskeletal system interact to make poor mobility one of the most common problems to afflict elderly patients. Also, it is important to identify and treat any deterioration of mobility in elderly individuals.

With HOMEOPATHY it shouldn't be considered a PROBLEM anymore!


*Provides serenity to central nervous system and generates confidence.

*Reverses weakened memory and sexual debility.

*Checks loss of bladder control.

*Also checks blurred vision,which is common in old age.

*Revitalises the sensory organs and removes confusional state of mind.

Some Homeopathic medicines for old age problems are:-

1. Baryta carb - delays aging process.
2. Conium - Excellent for muscular weakness due to old age.
3. Crottalus horridus - Corrects nutritional troubles in old age.
4. Selenium - Has marked effects on the genito urinary system.
5. Thiosinaminum - The drug suggested for retarding old age
6. Nux Moschata - Effective drug for old age problem of weakness
7. Heal wells Geripep - A restorative Homeopathic tonic for geriatric patients

Some secrets to maintain a healthier and happy life:

1) Continue to work even after you have retired. It will keep your mind and body active. But work for lesser number of hours since your body requires adequate rest.

2) Take up some form of exercise.

3) Modify your eating habits to agree with your body and your age

4) Do not over stress. Take up some stress busting activities like reading etc

5) Keep yourself busy – pursuing hobbies that you never could due to lack of time

6) Keep in touch with family and friends – it will keep you entertained and provide you with a support system too.

7) Sleep for at least 8 hours every day.

8) Try to avoid all kinds of pollutions.

9) Avoid drinks and smoking.


12 Reasons to Use Homeopathy

1) Cost effective – It is very cheap; in fact no other medicinal therapy could be cheaper.

2) Safe and gentle – Extremely safe even in the hands of a novice. Homeopathy works by stimulating the body’s own natural defense mechanism. Although gentle the result maybe powerful and long lasting. Can never cause any pathology.

3) Complete absence of side effects – A special preparation process called potentisation refines the medicines to remove any toxic side effects.

4) Easy to take - Homeopathic medicines are given either as small pleasant tasting tablets which dissolves in the mouth or in the liquid form. Granules, powders or drops are available for babies and children. Painless mode of treatment. Imposes, no dietary or lifestyle restrictions.

5) Reliable, Not tested on animals – Human responds differently to medication than animals do. All Homeopathic medicines is tested on healthy human beings

6) Holistic – The only medical system that takes into account physical, mental and emotional factors to bring about a complete cure. All treatment is entirely individual. A customized solution per patient.

7) Quick relief and long lasting cures – Speed is matched with the speed of the trouble. All chronics are slow to develop and slow to heal. The speed of the remedy action has to match the speed of the disease. Nothing works faster in fast things like burns, for instance where all pain could disappear in a matter of seconds.

8) Impossible to overdose – Can be given to all ages safely. There is no need to work out the dosage, as required with drug therapy today, a thing that is not free from mistakes.

9) Never clashes with analgesics, vitamins or physical therapy – It could be used in conjunction with ordinary drug therapy for instance antibiotics, analgesics, and so on. But as you become proficient you will find that, they are no longer needed.

10) Preventive treatment – By boosting the body’s immune system, Homeopathy can help improve a person’s resistance to illness and infections and less likely to get sick.

11) Invaluable for first aid – Homeopathic medicine can be safely used to treat simple problems such as bruises, minor burns, sprains, insect bites and gastric upsets.

12) Medicine of future – With over 6000 Homeopathic medicine in existence and new Homeopathic medicines being discovered all the times, Homeopathy is a growing science. However, unlike modern medicine that takes drugs off the market every year as new side-effects are discovered, Homeopaths still use the same medicines they were using 250 years ago with new medicines to broaden their scopes


An introduction to Homeopathy

Modern man has drifted far away from nature, he leads a hectic life full of stress, inhales polluted air, drinks polluted water, eats junk food and indulges in all sorts of excesses.
No wonder ill health is on the rise. Diseases comes as the natural punishment. To get rid of diseases man resorts to poisonous drugs and deadly chemicals which ultimately disables or kills him. Thus, in trying to escape disease, man becomes a victim of drugs and chemicals.
Homeopathy is a boon restored by nature on man to make him healthy. By taking homeopathic treatment not only can we easily get rid of many old diseases, but also prevent many more from happening.
Homeopathy has proved successful in many disease even when other conventional modes of treatment has failed. Controlled experiments and clinical trails with this therapy has shown overwhelming results worldwide.
Homeopathy provides effective, harmless yet inexpensive means of combating ill health. Homeopathy gives importance not only to curative but also to preventive aspect of treatment, which is the need of the day.
250 years after its discovery Homeopathy is today acknowledged as a major healing system. More and more people are discovering the benefits of a medical system that is a safe, scientific and sensitive.
Unlike other systems that view mankind as a mass and respond with one solution to a disease, Homeopathy treats each patient as a unique entity from whom only particularized remedy will work based on individual physical, mental and emotional characteristics.
Unlike others that simply suppress symptoms and treat the body in parts, Homeopathy recognizes the body as a unified whole and confronts the problem from within.
Homeopathy increases the vitality or life from that animates each of us. The goal of Homeopathy is to stimulate the body's own healing capacity to correct imbalances that give rise to diseases.
This is why Homeopathy offers hope for those considered 'incurable' by other and is effective against the most severe diseases.

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