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Travel SAFE with Homeopathy

Ill health while traveling is most unpleasant experience as doctors help is not immediately available. Our main concern to publish this article is to discuss regarding the problem which may arise while traveling, about precautions one must take to avoid these problems and how to deal with these problems if arises.

According to an article in the medical press “Surveys have shown that 40 – 50% of travelers suffer from illness while on holiday or shortly after their return, the majority of the complaints being alimentary or due to excess sun.”

Generally the problems which are associated with traveling are –

1) Motion sickness
2) Gastric Upsets – like diarrhea, constipation, acidity, indigestion, nausea, vomiting etc
3) Cold and cough
4) Fever
5) Headache
6) Injuries
7) Fatigue / tiredness
8) Food poisoning etc

In Homeopathy, there are many medicines which act as preventive as well as curative in these problems. But these should be taken under the guidance of a Homeopathic physician. You can ask your doctor to make one traveling medicinal kit or first aid kit for you, for the problems which may arise while traveling. You can use this article as a reference guide. Some readymade traveling medicinal kits by different companies are also available in the homeopathic medicinal stores but it is difficult to say about their effectiveness. So I recommend you to consult your doctor to make one kit for you based on your constitution.

Here are some medicines which are very effective in travel related problems –

1) Cocculus – Nausea and vomiting from riding in a carriage, boat or even looking at a boat in motion. Good remedy for sea sickness or car sickness. It also cures jet lag.
If it is taken twice a day before the flight, the day of the flight and for the day after the flight, then the jet lag can be avoided.
2) Nux Vomica – It is a wonderful medicine for gastric upsets occurring during traveling due to overeating especially highly seasoned food or spicy food, loss of sleep, over exertion, sedentary habits etc. It is also useful in headaches associated with gastric complaints. It is also very effective in hang-over.
3) Petroleum – It is used for ailments from traveling in car and also for sea sickness. It is indicated in occipital headache with vertigo. Which occurs from looking at the waves or objects passing by.
4) Tabaccum – It is indicated while traveling in case of deathly pallor, exhaustion with cold sweats, severe nausea with desire for open air. Patient wants to live in a dark and peaceful place.
5) Argentum Nit – Medicines used for nervous diarrhea and fear of flying. Patient is very anxious, nervous and apprehensive. Fear of looking down from a height with sudden impulse to jump when in a high place.
6) Borax – This medicine is used for the fear of downward motion. This medicine is also used for fear of flying especially during landing.
7) Arnica, Ledum, Calendulla, Hypericum – These are the medicines used in injuries which may occur during traveling. Calendulla ointment should also be kept as it is a Homeopathic antiseptic ointment used especially for open wounds and cuts.
8) Belladonna and Glonoine – These medicines are used to relieve the symptoms associated with sunstroke, fever and headache due to excess of heat or exposure to sunlight etc.
9) Arsenic Alb – It is very useful remedy for gastric derangements which arises due to taking contaminated food and drinks and also used in food poisoning. It is used in vomiting, diarrhea and cholera with extreme prostration and restlessness.
10) Aloe, Podophyllum, Bryonia – These are some other medicines used in case of gastric disturbances.

For immediate treatment during illness, these medicines can used effectively. They also take very small space in your luggage. Usually these medicines are safe without any side-effects, but I must repeat, take these medicines after consulting a homeopathic physician. There are many medicines in Homeopathy for these problem, this articles refers to only a few key medicines. This can be selected properly by a physician according to your constitution, about the potency of the medicine in which it should be given and about its dosage and the interval in which it should be repeated etc.

So, this time travel safely with your family by keeping a traveling homeo kit along with you and enjoy your travel.


Anonymous narcheska said...

This is very useful information - thank you!

1:31 AM  
Blogger Martha said...

Helios has made a homeopathic travel first aid kit which I would recommend:http://homeopathyworld.com/Merchant2/merchant.mvc?Screen=SFNT&Store_Code=H&Affiliate=cuteandconfused It comes with a small book that helps you to self prescribe. It's also pretty small and handy. I'm pretty sure it has some of the medicines you mentioned, if not all of them. It really works for me as I got really tired of lugging exensive individual bottles around. Also it can be difficult when asking not to have them x-rayed at the airport (as this can damage them) However with the kit I havent encountered this problem.

4:26 PM  

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