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An introduction to Homeopathy

Modern man has drifted far away from nature, he leads a hectic life full of stress, inhales polluted air, drinks polluted water, eats junk food and indulges in all sorts of excesses.
No wonder ill health is on the rise. Diseases comes as the natural punishment. To get rid of diseases man resorts to poisonous drugs and deadly chemicals which ultimately disables or kills him. Thus, in trying to escape disease, man becomes a victim of drugs and chemicals.
Homeopathy is a boon restored by nature on man to make him healthy. By taking homeopathic treatment not only can we easily get rid of many old diseases, but also prevent many more from happening.
Homeopathy has proved successful in many disease even when other conventional modes of treatment has failed. Controlled experiments and clinical trails with this therapy has shown overwhelming results worldwide.
Homeopathy provides effective, harmless yet inexpensive means of combating ill health. Homeopathy gives importance not only to curative but also to preventive aspect of treatment, which is the need of the day.
250 years after its discovery Homeopathy is today acknowledged as a major healing system. More and more people are discovering the benefits of a medical system that is a safe, scientific and sensitive.
Unlike other systems that view mankind as a mass and respond with one solution to a disease, Homeopathy treats each patient as a unique entity from whom only particularized remedy will work based on individual physical, mental and emotional characteristics.
Unlike others that simply suppress symptoms and treat the body in parts, Homeopathy recognizes the body as a unified whole and confronts the problem from within.
Homeopathy increases the vitality or life from that animates each of us. The goal of Homeopathy is to stimulate the body's own healing capacity to correct imbalances that give rise to diseases.
This is why Homeopathy offers hope for those considered 'incurable' by other and is effective against the most severe diseases.


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