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A case of asthma treated by Arsenic Alb…..

When I was in my final year in homoeopathic college, I have seen a case of severe asthma, which is relieved by a single dose of Arsenic Alb 200.The patient was a second year student. She was suffering from asthma since two years. She was good in studies and other activities. She was taking homoeopathic treatment from Dr Gupta who was a great homoeopathist. I have seen many cases of asthmatic attack but I had never seen such severe case of asthma in my life. During the paroxysm, breathing was very laboured for her with wheezing respiration accompanied by dry cough. By her expressions she was looking anxious, restless, worried and almost terrified. She was unable to lie down as she felt suffocated on lying down. She wanted to move but physically she was too weak to move due to prostration. She was taking only sips of cold water at frequent intervals to wet her dry mouth. Due to this intense respiratory agony, restlessness, and uneasiness she became so exhausted that she was hardly able to speak anything. It became difficult to obtain a complete drug picture necessary for the homoeopathic similimum. So doctors present in our college decided to call Dr Gupta. Dr Gupta had reached in half an hour and after 10 to 15 min observation he had given a dose of Arsenic Alb 200 and instructed the doctors to give second dose if required. But she started feeling better as soon as medicine was given to her and in half an hour she became almost normal and there was no need of second dose.


Blogger Sheila said...

Since I am new to this blog, having received a message to my HealthHealing Yahoo group telling me about this one. I am just going to introduce myself with this post. In the days to come I will read what has come before, and then relate some astounding results that I have experienced using Homeopathics on dogs.

My name is Sheila, I live in Northern Ontario Canada. I am a Homeopathic user, and advocate who has a curiosity about all things healing that are not harmful. I am looking forward to joining in the blogging.

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Blogger Sheila said...

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Blogger Horatio said...

I am interested to know how effective homeopathy is in treating asthma.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

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