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Contraception & Homeopathy

Can Homeopathy prevent conception?

As per the article by Dr J. S. Bhojak written in Homeo Gagan, a homeopathic magazine in India –

According to Dr Hahnemann, chloride of sodium (Natrum Mur) in dynamic potentisation, is the great remedy which has the curative power towards the triple miasms faults.

He( Dr Bhojak ) got the suggestions from “Indian Journal of Homeopathic Medicine Bombay 4” in which Dr Sharda, prominent homeopath of India, says that “I have tried on males and I think this prevents conception”.

According to “Dr BOERICKES materia medica” Natrum Mur when given in very high potencies and in infrequent doses often yield most brilliant results.

Dr Bhojak have also gained 50% success from more than 100 patients according to him, Natrum Mur if prepared from 1000 centisimal potency dilution in saturated pills, then it will be the Hahnemannian contraceptive oral pills for human.
Thus, the ladies and gentlemen who don’t want to conceive, can take these pills to avoid conception. In case of doses, the gentlemen should take 5 pills (30 no. globules) ten minutes before intercourse. Ladies should take 5 pills (30 no. globules) on 4th, 5th and 6th days of their menstrual cycle at bed time for assurance.

Dr. Ashok Pandey’s view regarding Natrum Mur as a contraceptive medicine –

Natrum Mur is the best medicine in Homeopathy for contraception. It doesn’t have any side effects (like leucorrhoea, weight gain, constipation, chest pain, falling of hair, headache, etc) generally occurs while taking allopathic contraceptive pills.

How it works?

Tissues present in our body contains sodium and chloride which maintain acid base balance. When Natrum Mur is given, it increases acid ions in the tissues of reproductive organs which makes the sperms weaker to aid contraception. Homeopathic medicine is given in minute doses, it doesn’t cause any harmful effects and causes only temporary contraception.

Dosage suggested by him

Natrum Mur should be started once in the evening in 3X potency from the 5th day of menstrual cycle for 1 month. Then it should be given in the same way in 6X potency in 2nd month. In the 3rd month it should be given in 12X potency in the same way. In 4th month, 1 dose of 200 potency should be given on 5th day or menses. Then from the 5th month start it again from the 3X potency and repeat the whole cycle in the above mentioned way.

Some doctors suggest cyclamem Q which should be taken daily from the 10th day of menstrual cycle.

Some doctor claims it to be very effective for contraception and some are in opposition for such kind of practice.

What is your opinion?

Please provide your feedbacks, experiences or any other information regarding homeopathic contraception in the Comment section.


Blogger Bell said...

Dear Dr Lilha

I am a dermatologist from Dubai and I found your blog quite interesting. I have a patient with a hand lesion posted here. We call this condition acrodermatitis continua of hallopeau and is difficult to treat. Another patient of mine noticed good inprovement with homeopathy. How do you approach such a case. Once again, all the best for your blog.

Dr Bell Eapen MSc, MD, DNB, Dip Derm (Glasg).

8:40 AM  
Blogger Poonam Lilha said...

Dr Bell,

Hi!Thanks a lot for your kind comment.I have seen your nice blog and the hand lesion posted on your blog.Dr Bell,in homeopathy we don't have any specific medicine for a specific problem.Our treatment is based on physical,mental as well as emotional symptoms present in the patient.So,for proper treatment, in this case or any other case,proper case taking is must.As per my opinion regarding the treatment of skin diseases homeopathy is the best.Once again thank you and all the best.

6:54 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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8:47 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Very beautiful site. Congratulations.
Some questions regarding this article.
1. You wrote:
According to Dr Hahnemann, chloride of sodium (Natrum Mur) in dynamic potentisation, is the great remedy which has the curative power towards the triple miasms faults.
He got the suggestions from “Indian Journal of Homeopathic Medicine Bombay 4” in which Dr Sharda, prominent homeopath of India, says that “I have tried on males and I think this prevents conception”.

As the first paragraph tells about Hahnemann (According to Dr Hahnemann…) and the second begins with “He got the suggestions from…”, does it mean that Hahnemann got the suggestions from the journal in which Dr Sharda wrote? Was Dr Sharda a contemporary of Hahnemann?
2. Do you truly believe that homeopathy should deal with something which opposes nature - like contraception - and suggest remedies for it?
3. What about suggesting remedies to specific conditions against the holistic approach of healing the whole patient?

9:29 AM  
Blogger Poonam Lilha said...

Thanks a lot for your nice comment.
Here, `He'means Dr Bhojak not Dr Hahnemann.In my opinion when a medicine like nat mur is capable of doing some action like contraception,then it is better to use homeopathic option in cases where contraception is must,when compaired to allopathic contraceptive pills having lots of side effects.

7:06 AM  
Blogger abc_bod15 said...

dearest Dr. lila
i have gone throughu your articles regarding the scope of homeopathy in use of homeopathic medicine as contraceptive. my query is that r u 100% sure if one use the suggested remedy( nat.mur) would act as a harmless contraceptive?
second q is that does it produce 100% sterility as long as the person is recieving the drug nat. mur.
third q is that my owhj clinical experience suggest that nat . mur is very good remedy for impotency and oligospermia. we have got very good result for the same. and if it is true then hw the drug nat. mur woold act as contraceptive.
i m dr. bodake . l.c.e.h. practicing homeopath from satara. been practicing homeopathy for 25 yeatrs.
plse be answer
thanking u
dr. abb

9:11 AM  
Blogger abc_bod15 said...

plz answer me dear homeopath.

9:14 AM  
Blogger abc_bod15 said...

plz answer. the query

9:15 AM  
Blogger abc_bod15 said...

plz reply

9:16 AM  
Blogger Poonam Lilha said...

Dr Bodake, I have used nat mur for the purpose of contraception in many patient and I got 80% result. Regarding your 3rd question: Since you are practicing homeopathy for 25 years, you can find your answer in these questions: “Why some medicines like Nux vom, bryonia, alumina, sulphur, etc are used for diarrhea as well as for constipation?” and “Why medicines like hepar sulph, silicea and many other medicines acts differently in different potencies?”.

1:55 AM  
Blogger reva yunus said...

hey guys i am not a doc but i've been taking homeo med for all my life- for last 6-7 yrs almost continuously. isn't it true that it wroks on the principle that "zahar ko zahar katata hai"?? i mean like penicillin was discovered- using the very stuff that causes the problem as the cure?? right? then of course nat mur can be used as contraceptive as well as in curing impotency or sterelisation!

2:04 AM  
Blogger reva yunus said...

Hi Doc poonam,
i wanna know one thing- is nat mur to be taken for months before it takes effect?

2:11 AM  
Blogger Poonam Lilha said...

Hi Reva,

No it works instantly if taken as mentioned above in that particular days and dose.

7:19 AM  
Blogger Vishal said...

Dear doc,
I have vasomotor rhinitis. After taking steroid nasal sprays and psuedoeffedrine daily for 1.5 yrs (and suffering side effects like trouble urinating) I tried Natrum Mur (30c 3 times a day). It worked like magic within 2 days. I have stopped all allopathic treatment and have become a believer.

Question - I noticed that if i miss even a single dose the symptoms start to return. How long is it safe to continue that dosage? Should I reduce it slowly? Are there other meds to try? Like ars album?

8:20 AM  

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