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Stay fit and COOL in summer

Apart from sunburn, persistent exposure to the sun can cause heat stroke which is resulted from excessive heat and high humidity. It usually occurs due to inadequate fluid intake causing dehydration, lack of sweating which causes excessive rise in internal temperature and failure of natural cooling down mechanism of the body. There are other risk factors such as people with obesity, aged people, children, alcoholics, cardiovascular diseases, respiratory diseases like asthma and certain medicines.

Some symptoms of heat stroke

1) Elevated body temperature – Generally more than 104 F

2) Headache with or without nausea

3) Dizziness and fainting

4) Restlessness and breathlessness

5) Rapid heartbeat

6) Blood pressure may be increased or it may be decreased

7) Lack of concentration

8) Fits

First aid treatment

1) Shift the patient immediately into a shady and cool place

2) Patients cloths should be loosened or removed depending on the condition

3) Keep the patient in a comfortable position with legs slightly elevated

4) Avoid excessive crowd around the patient which may cause suffocation

5) Try to cool down the patient by covering him with damp sheets or spraying cold water on his / her head

6) Ensure that the patient is getting enough air otherwise fan it with a newspaper

7) Cold water should be given to the patient but it should not be chilled

Precautions to avoid problems

1) Drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration

2) Wear loose and light colored cotton cloths which are comfortable

3) Stay indoor as much as possible and if necessary choose cooler times of the day like early morning or late in the evening to go out

4) Use a sun screen which is right for your skin to avoid sun burns

5) Take proper rest and avoid physical exertion

6) Wear sunglasses to protect your eyes from UV rays

7) Add fruits and vegetables and their juices in your diet to maintain salt and water balance

8) Eating right food is also necessary to avoid summer diarrhea and other gastric upsets.

Homeopathic treatment

1) Belladonna – It is used in heat stroke with high fever, excessive body heat, dryness of skin and violent throbbing headache arises from exposure to heat of sun
2) Aconite – Heat stroke with high temperature, full bounding pulse, dry and hot skin, redness of face, burning thirst with restlessness due to checked perspiration
3) Aethusa Cynapium – It is used for infants and children in case of vomiting and diarrhea with intolerance of milk occurs in summer season due to excessive heat
4) Antim Crude – Indigestion due to overheating and hot weather with a thick milky white coating on the tongue. It is also a good medicine for prickly heat
5) Bryonia – Gastric ailments from drinking ice cold water when overheated. Great dryness of all mucus membrane of the body with excessive thirst. Congestive headache due to exposure to heat of sun or being overheated due to any cause
6) Gelsimium – Fever with thirstlessness. Patient is dull, dazed, drowsy and confused minded. Dull headache with nausea and vomiting due to heat of sun
7) Glonoine – Flushed face with terrible bursting headache. Violent palpitation worse from heat of sun and from little exertion. It can be used as preventive as well as curative medicine for heat stroke. It acts as a preventive if taken before going out in hot summer weather
8) Nat Mur – Headache begins with sunrise and goes off with sunset, violent headache from heat of sun associated with nausea and vomiting. Headache is relieved by perspiration and in open air


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