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The facts known by almost every one about the teeth are:-
The teeth are composed of 3 calcified tissue’s, namely enamel, dentine and cementum, and the pulp composed of connective tissue. The teeth are surrounded by the portion of oral mucosa called the gingiva or gum.

Enamel is the outer covering of teeth composed almost entirely of inorganic material as in bone.

Dentine lies under the enamel and comprises most of the tooth substances. It is composed of organic material in the form of collagen fibrils as well as inorganic material in the form of calcium phosphates as in bone.

Cementum is the portion of tooth which covers the dentine at the root of tooth and is the site where periodontal ligament is attached. Cementum is similar to bone in morphology and composition.

Dental pulp is inner to dentine and occupies the pulp cavity and root canal. It consist of connective tissue, blood vessels and nerves.

Functions of the tooth:- “Other than providing proper shape of the face, the teeth offers multiple functions. Thus helps in mastication, chewing, biting and also tearing of teeth, the solid food material in presence of saliva is made into pulp and is then swallowed smoothly”.

Some known facts about calcium:-
Ionized calcium in the plasma has many vital functions including formation of bones and teeth. Calcium is a major mineral element of the body. It constitutes 1.5-2% of the body weight of an adult human. An average adult body contains about 1200 gm of calcium of which over 98 % is found in the bones. The amount of calcium in the blood is usually about 10m/dl. The calcium ion controls many life processes ranging from muscles contraction to cell division.

Calcium is readily available from many sources:-
1) Milk and milk products (example cheese, curd, skimmed milk and butter milk)
2) Egg and fish
3) The cheapest dietary sources are green leafy vegetables, cereals and millets.
4) An additional source of calcium is drinking water which may provide upto 200 mg per day.
5) Some fruits eg. Sitaphal and dry fruits like raisins contains good amount of calcium.

A daily intake of 400 – 500 mg of calcium has been suggested for adults. The physiological requirements are higher in children, expectant and nursing mothers.

Some facts regarding homeopathic treatment:-
There are many homeopathic medicines which are used in dental problems, but we are discussing here about some commonly used medicines.

Medicines used to aid dentition:-

1) Calc phos Given in delayed and difficult dentition. Diarrhea during dentition. Teeth decay soon after eruption. Tooth ache in which teeth are sensitive to touch, pressure and mastication.
2) Calc carb – It is used in delayed and difficult dentition in case of fatty childrens, who perspires easily. In tolerance of milk are seen in children during dentition. Craving for indigestible things like chalk, lime, raw vegetables, ice creams, salt etc
3) Chamomilla – Diarrhea during dentition. The child is irritable and over sensitive towards pain and wants to be carried all the time.
4) Cina – Child becomes very touchy, irritable and obstinate especially during dentition. Child having worm infestation with grinding of teeth. Pale face, sunken eyes with blue rings around the eyes and mouth.
5) Cuprum met – Convulsions in children during dentition.
6) Baryta carb – Delayed dentition with mental as well as physical dwarfism. Child are slow to learn everything.
7) Some patent medicines to aid dentition –
a. Easident® teething pills
b. Denton tablets / syrup
c. Chamodent syrup
d. Biocombination number 21 – for teething problems

Teeths having tendency to decay:-

1) Thuja – Teeth decay at the roots. Yellowish discoloration of the teeth, teeth easily crumbles up in pieces.
2) Merc sol – Teeth becomes loose, tender to touch and feels elongated. Crowns of the teeth decay and roots are not affected. Tooth ache aggravates at night, from both cold and warm things and relieved from rubbing the cheeks.
3) Silicea – Used in teeth decay in which teeth broken easily with uneven enamel surface. Teeth feels rough and loses its shine. Teeth are yellow in color. It is also used in case of delayed dentition and early tooth decay in children.
4) Mezereum – Tooth ache in carious tooth. In case of Mezereum, root is decayed. Tooth ache aggravates at night and on slight touch or even by biting.
5) Comb No 18 – For pyorrhea, gum boils, tooth aches, spongy bleeding gums. Used for almost every dental problems.
6) Other medicines are Kreosote, staphysagria, calc flour, hecla lava etc.

Tooth Aches:-

1) Arsenic alb – Tooth ache relieved by heat.
2) Coffea, pulsatilla – tooth ache relieved from cold.
3) Ignatia – Tooth ache is relieved while eating.
4) Thuja – Tooth ache from drinking tea.
5) China – Tooth ache while nursing the child.
6) Plantago – Used in tooth ache. Can locally be applied in cases of tooth ache.
7) Chamomilla – Tooth ache occurring during menses and in pregnancy. The pain is relieved by holding cold water in the mouth.
Comb No 23 – Used in every type of tooth aches.

Medicine used during tooth extraction:-

1) Arnica – Soreness of jaw after tooth extraction. Good remedy to take before and after extraction of the tooth.
2) Arsenic – For the apprehension before extraction of the tooth.
3) Hypericum – For nerve injury or neuralgias resulting from tooth extraction.
4) Phosphorus – Stops excessive bleeding after tooth extraction.
5) Calendula Q – Calendula is very good antiseptic mouthwash after extraction or other surgical work and helps to stop bleeding and prevents infection.

Some Homeopathic toothpastes and toothpowders:-

1) Homeodent tooth paste (SBL)
2) Lordent tooth paste and tooth powder (Lords)
3) Kolldent® Forte tooth powder etc


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