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Modes of Drug Administration

In general there are various methods of introducing drugs into the body.
The Principal methods are:

1). Oral Method- By mouth, which may be

(a). Aqueous solution,
(b). Syrups,
(c). Emulsions,
(d). Mixtures,
(e). Powders,
(f). Capsules,
(h). Pills, etc.

2). Parenteral- This includes all type of injections:

(a). Subcutaneous,
(b). Intramuscular,
(c). Intravenous,
(d). Bone marrow injection,
(e). Intraperitonial, etc.

3). Mucosal absorption method:

(a). Rectal absorption- generally in the form of suppository,
(b). Nasal septum- By inhalation or by putting medicines in the nasal septum.

4). Skin absorption method- It is done in the form of liniments, lotion, ointments.

Principles for Homeopathic Drug Administration:-

As Homeopathy bears a specialty in the field of medicine, its mode of administration also bears a specialty.

1. Generally medicines are given by oral or olfaction method.

2. Single medicines should be given at a time.

3. It is wrong to administer complex mixtures (patent), when single simple medicine is sufficient.

4. Homeopathy remedies works better in smaller doses, “The minutest yet powerful dose”.

5. The best selected medicines be repeated at suitable intervals, do not repeat so long the signs of improvements continue.

6. Medicines should not be administrated during the aggravated condition of disease (especially in chronic diseases). There are specific instructions for application of a remedy in cases of intermittent fever, best time is- when the temperature is coming down, in cases of menstrual difficulties- the best time is the post menstrual period.

7. The diet and regimen which can have any medicinal effect should be avoided, in order that the action of small dose of medicine given to the patient may not be disturbed by any irritant.

8. Nothing should be taken ½ hour at least before or after taking the medicine.

9. No new habits or addiction should be indulged while taking homeopathic medicines.

10. All emotional stress and strains and excitement should be avoided if possible.

11. Medicines should not be taken directly in hands while administration, take medicines in clean butter paper or in the cap of the bottle.

12. In case of globules or pills, don’t crush it, try to keep it for longer period in your mouth and chew it slowly to get its maximum effect.


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