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How to medicate Globules

In large scale:

Take as much globules as can be put in a clean porcelain bowl, keeping upper one third or more of it vacant. In order to moisten the globules thoroughly, pour enough quantity of the requisite medicine so that every globules gets one minute to be soaked. To make the excess quantity of the medicine to be absorbed, the medicated globules are than put on a dry clean filter paper. On drying, the globules are kept into a phial duly marked with the name and potency of the medicine and are ready to use.

In small scale (in limited quantity):

Put some globules in a dry clean vial or phial filling its two third spaces. The requisite quantity of a liquid medicine is poured upon the globules to moisten them uniformly. The phial is then kept inverted upon the cork for at least an hour, preferably 6 hours. Next the excess medicine is drained out carefully by loosening the cork a little; with in a day or two the globules will be perfectly dry and became ready for use.

Hahnemann’s method of medication:

In chronic disease, vol-1, page 187 Hahnemann directs;” The globules are poured into a clean porcelain bowl rather deep than broad and enough of the required potency dropped upon them to moisten completely every globules, in the space of one minute. The contents of the bowl are than empties on a piece of clean, dry, filtering paper, so that any excess of liquid may be absorbed, and the globules are spread out so that they may soon dry. The dry globules are then poured into a vial duly marked with the name and potency and securely corked”.


Do not medicate globules with the attenuations prepared with “dilute alcohol” because, such medicated globules or pillules may melt away by the water contained in the dilute alcohol used.


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