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Hirsute Women & Homeopathy………

Hirsutism can be defined as excess facial and body hair growth in women. This condition can be easily treated. It usually develops during puberty and increases with the age. Hirsutism is caused due to hormonal imbalance; it can be caused due to abnormally increased level of male hormones (androgens). As androgen comes only from the adrenal glands or gonads, or by conversion in peripheral tissues of precursor steroids from these organs, the causes of hirsutism are related to these two organs.

Causes of hirsutism:

(1). Adrenal Causes: Adrenal causes include Cushing’s syndrome, adrenal tumours, and congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

(2). Ovarian Causes: Ovarian causes include tumours of ovary, polycystic ovarian syndrome, etc.

(3). Idiopathic Hirsutism: In most of the cases the cause is unknown.

(4). Obesity.

(5). Other causes are: Anorexia, some steroids (anabolic), by some medicines such as diazoxide, hexachlorobenzene, cyclosporine, Birth control pills, or due to hormone replacement therapy, etc.

Not all women who have high testosterone develop unwanted hair. In fact, hirsutism may be caused by an increased sensitivity of the skin to the activity of normal or raised levels of male hormones. To reduce this sensitivity of skin, treatment is available in allopathy to block the actions of male hormones on the skin. Hirsutism can be mild or severe. In idiopathic hirsutism the exact cause is unknown; instead of normal level of androgens some women are hirsute. In some cases there is slight increase in androgen.

Excessive hair growth or hirsutism is a painful experience, as women are very sensitive towards their physical appearance.

Symptoms associated with hirsutism are:

(1). Male like hair growth in females.
(2). Menstrual irregularities.
(3). Excessive perspiration.
(4). Lack of feminine character and body shape.
(5). Pimples.
(6). Presence of masculine character.
(7). Frontal Baldness with excessive hairs on other parts of body.
(8). Obesity.

How to remove unwanted hair?

(1). Bleaching- It is done to make the hair less noticeable by lightening it, using chemicals.

(2). Hair removal- It includes shaving, waxing, plucking or chemical depilation.

(3). Electrolysis- using electrical current to damage individual hair follicles so they do not grow back. This is expensive and requires multiple treatments.

(4). Laser hair removal- Individual hair follicles are damaged by using laser. This is a permanent method of hair removal requires multiple sitings and expensive too.

How to find out the cause of hirsutism:

(1). Blood study will show increase in the male hormones and imbalance between the levels of the female hormones.
(2). Insulin level test.
(3). Thyroid level tests.
(4). Transvaginal ultrasound.
(5). Pelvic examination.
(6). CT scan, MRI- used to identify cyst or tumors on the ovaries or adrenal glands

Trichological Treatment:

Since the main cause of hirsuitism is the male hormones, a unique trichological treatment involves the intake of a fruit in a capsule form called serenoa complex (internally) along with the external application of oleum jacoris cream. These are the two main drug treatments. Both of these drugs block the effects of testosterone. They basically act as Dihydrotestosterone blockers. A trichologist will be able to treat the cause and also advise the person about diet and other lifestyle factors that contributes to hirsutism.

Homeopathic Treatment:

Some of the medicines used for hirsutism and the problems associated with it are: Thuja occ, medorrhinum, sabal serulata, thyroidinum, calc carb, calc phos, pulsatilla, sepia, nat mur, ignatia, etc.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hello Poonam!

Well for sharing a wonderful blog with us.

Can u please tell me if there is any medicine for Chronic renal failure which may act as a substitute of DIALYSIS? Is there any medicine which may help in increasing the Haemoglobin level? My sister has been diagonised CRF on April and she is severely Anaemic ( 4-5 )can u pls help me sister?

my email add is hi_samaritan@yahoo.com.

May you have a Blessed time ahead and take care of yourself.


7:36 AM  
Blogger Poonam Lilha said...



Thanks for your nice comment. There are medicines for Chronic renal failure as well as for Anemia but, for selection of homeopathic remedy proper case taking and clinical reports are must. Without knowing her symptoms I can’t suggest you any medicine. Here, what I suggest you is consult a good Homeopathic physician in your area and discuss yours sisters problem with him/her. In case you need any suggestion from me regarding homeopathic treatment you are always welcome.

My email address is homeocarehelp@yahoo.com

Take care,


10:11 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi poonam
this is surely a wonderful blog.thanx for sharing it wih us.

am 22 ys .can u plz help me in regard that i am suffering from hair growth on my chin.it is very embarassing .i pluck them n they re grow ans r thick n visible.
i had menstrual disorder long back and had taken medicines for it.
due to that i had gained too much of weight.that prob is no more and i have lost weight after i left medicines.my hormone test revealed that my male hormone is on higher side but in limit.plz suggest some remedy

5:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Will the capsule you menitoned (serenoa complex) avaialble at all Homeopath shops . And what potency should be taken .

Also I have taken Oleum Jacoris 3x from a Homeopath in powdered form .
How should I use it ?

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi poonam,

i'm so glad u posted that info on hirsutism because i am a teenager who is dealing with hirsutism and it's nice to know that i'm not alone. It g ets very hard at times dealing with this as I am very shy around people and it is severly affecting my rlationshp with my boyfriend because i don't like him touching my face and I don't want him to see me naked. Please give me some advice. I can't afford any of those expensive treatments like laser removal etc. and shaving and those creams seem useless.

Thanks in advance
My email address is aliyakmitchell_ghl@hotmail.com. Please rply soon.

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Poonam,

This is a very interesting website. I am a family physician and have never heard of oleum jecoris as an alternative treatment for hirsutism. I am willing to try anything as this is a condition I suffer from but have NOT found where to buy it. Can I use cod liver oil instead-on the face? I imagine it would cause acne. Also do you know of any studies published on this treatment and if not do you know what the science behind it is...not that it really matters...I will certainly at least try it.
If anything..Please tell me where i can purchase it in the US.
Desperatly seeking a cure

9:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for such a great site!!!

9:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

eehello poonam,
ur article was very useful,it was something iam looking for long time.iam 22yrs old,with hairs over the cheek ,chin,hands too.iam very much depressed....waxing,bleaching nothing helps.it keeps getting worse.i 've no menstrual irregularities.i could'nt afford laser therapy.iam badly in need of some cure..so plz tell me if there is any homeopathic drugs for this...if there is any suide effects like weight gain etc

plz,plz reply...to aaru505@yahoo.com

8:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Poonam!

I am in my late 20s and have been suffering from hirusitism for the past 7-8 yrs. It has gotten worse over the past year. What homeopathic medicines are available for treating this condition and do they have any side effects?

11:56 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I was happy to read about Homeopathy treatment for Hirsutism.

My internet search shows about Serenoa Complex capsules, that
Each capsule contains: Serenoa serrulata (Saw Palmetto) liposterolic extract equivalent to dry fruit 1.6 g standardised to contain fatty acids 144 mg in a base of pumpkin seed oil & soya oil.

Researching further, I have recently visited Rich Feel, Mumbai They say using Serenoa Complex Tablets ( saw palmetto + horetail plant) would decrease hair fall after 3 months of this medicine usage.

I find this in contradiction to your suggestion that Serenoa Complex helps in treatment of hirsutism in girls.

Please clarify. Thanks.

My email id is hksethi@gmail.com.

12:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can you please tell me where aleum jacoris is available. All i could get was the liquid and I don't know how to use it. please let me know where the cream is available and how to use it?

4:30 AM  
Anonymous kléah said...

hello poonam!

thank you for the great site... as most of the women who've posted already i was just wondering if you can tell us where we can find these remedies, how to use them, percentage of successful results, side effects, and any other information you know with it's regard! i am really anxious to know since those pesky hairs are driving me mad!

thanks :)

4:51 PM  
Blogger kanu said...

hi, m 21yr old, from patiala. I hv a problm of unwanted hairs on my neck line nd on breast aroud d nipple bt nt on dark one. My periods r eithr regular or irregular, problms of pimples too. m taking Oleum jacoris 3x germany made(Adel). M gettin marry in Nov. i feel ambaress. Plz tell me hw much tyme it'll take for cured. The quantity of hairs r nt more bt still it sees. plz reply me soon as u can. Thank u........
e-mail at: kanumunday@yahoo.com

1:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Poonam,

I'm 28 yrs old married lady, delivered a baby 3 months back and after delivery i;m facing lots of hir fall and dandruff problem, i would like to take treatment for the same, can you pls mail me your contct details on mayaoak@gmail.com

3:21 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Poonam
thanx a lot 4 sharing this information. I'm suffering from hirsutism past 8-10 years. Have consulted many homeopathic physicians.Currently I'm consuming oleum Jacoris 200 in liquid form as prescribed.Its been an year but it is no avail.The problem of hair growth on face, neck, n all over my body still continues.I also have acne on face and back.
plz help me out.waitin 4 ur rply.My e-mail id is mail2monisha@gmail.com.
Thanx a lot.please rply soon

3:48 AM  
Anonymous Jo said...

Hey Doc Poonam,
Nice article wth lots of follow up questions on to it...wondering if u would have answered a few of them here,others could be benefited more seeing the interaction.
Have also got the same problem n recently took thuja cm and have got red pimples in some part of my body(apart from back ache) wanted to know what next.Have got pimples even in my head n faces too :(
Awaiting reply.

11:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hello Poonam,

Thanks for sharing this blog.It is a lot of useful information in there.
I would like to know if there is any homeopathic medicine that can completely cure hirsutism?
I am 25 years old and am physcially fit but suffer from hirsutism.
I would really appreciate if you can advise me.My email address is jolly_30918@yahoo.co.in

11:23 PM  

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