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Sta-a-a-a-a-a-ammering or Stuttering........

Stammering or stuttering is a disorder of speech fluency. A person who stutters often repeats speech sounds (k-k-k-kiran), syllables (ki-ki-ki-kiran), parts of words, whole words, phrases or stretches sounds. He may sometimes be unable to start a word or may produce no sound between words. The other symptoms which may be associated with stuttering are: blinking of eyes, tremor or muscle tension in the lips, jaw, tongue, face, or upper body. A person who shatters may be quite fluent while singing or conversing with a friend or spouse, but his stuttering may increase while speaking before a group, ordering a meal at a restaurant or speaking on the telephone or in some cases it occurs while talking to the strangers.

Causes of stuttering:-

The exact cause of stuttering is still unknown. Possible causes are genetic or hereditary (stuttering has been seen in families/twins) or neurogenic factors like signal problems between the brain and nerves. “Environmental factors like stress, peer pressure or even having a friend or relative who stutters can contribute to stuttering”. Contrary to popular perception, psychological problems such as lack of confidence usually result from stuttering and are not its cause
Developmental stuttering, which is normal non-fluency, can occur in children between the ages of two and five, when they are developing their speech and language skills. Most children, however, outgrow this phase as they expand their vocabulary and sharpen their communication skills. Less than one percent of children continue to stutter as adults. “Stuttering can sometimes appear in a school going child following the birth of a sibling, change of school or death of a parent/grand parent. In an adult it could be because of a neurological problem or traumatic experience”.

Dealing with a child who stutters:-

1). Avoid criticizing the Childs speech and punishing him for dysfluencies; Do not compel him/her to repeat stuttered words.
2).Resist encouraging the child to perform verbally for people.
3). Listen attentively to the child when he/she speaks. Do not interrupt, fill in words or complete the Childs sentences.
4). Speak slowly and in a relaxed manner. The Child will learn to do the same; do not give suggestions like slow down, relax, etc.

Diagnosis and treatment:-

Stuttering can be diagnosed and treated by speech evaluation in a child who continues to stutter beyond five years of age. Though speech therapy aims at improving fluency in communication, there is at present no cure for stuttering in allopathic system of medicine.

Homeopathic treatment:-

Homeopathic medicines are very effective in cases of stuttering. Some of the medicines are given below:

1).Strammonium:- It is the main medicine which is used in homeopathy for stammering. The symptoms are stammering with lack of fluency, patient has to exert himself a long time before he can speak a word, he has to make repeated effort to speak, and the patient is usually talkative, talks incoherently. The other symptoms which may be present are feeling of insecurity, restlessness, nervousness, fear of water, impaired memory, insensitive to pain, indifference, cannot bear to be alone, dread of darkness, water and solitude.

2).Belladonna:- It is used in stammering with difficult speech, with difficult speech, impaired thinking, confusion of mind, weakness of memory and perception; Always talk unintelligibly and wanders easily from one subject to another while talking. It is used in rapid and interrupted speech. The child looks dull, insecure, scared and anxious.

3).Mercurius:- Mercurius is a very important remedy for stammering due to loss of confidence and hesitation. Stammering occurs due to over-excitation and hurriedness. The patient wants to talk but he can’t able to talk and becomes easily embarrassed. The patient is very sensitive to contradiction and gets easily offended. Other symptoms are weakness of memory, loss of will power, slow to learn anything, confusion of mind, etc.

4). Causticum: - This medicine is commonly used for hoarseness of voice and in cases of paralysis of various parts including vocal chords. It is used in stammering due to over-excitement and nervousness.

5). Aconite: - It is used in stammering with sudden onset, arises from shock due to fright.

6). Thuja: - It is used for stammering in patients having lack of self-confidence, reserved nature with timidity, fear of appearing in public, unable to express his/her opinion in public.

7). other medicines are: Nux vom, Selenium, Kali phos, Calc phos, Calc carb, Arg nit, Baryta carb, etc.


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